Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Host

When I brought up the idea of an electric car to my father, who would be the patron of this project, he didn't initially like the idea of a super fast motor, in a small, lightweight car. I explained how I was in need of a car that could handle a big motor, and was light weight, and he counter argued me by laying down some criteria for the car;

  • It had to be more recent model, newer than 2000
  • It had to have air bags
  • It had to be around $6k
  • It had to be in Florida, within driving distance
Not only did I have to meet my fathers expectations, but I also had to find a car that was lightweight as it would be more efficient than a heavier car. Truthfully, I knew I could reach this criteria, however I didn't know if I wanted to. Originally, I looked into salvaging a Honda CRX since they only weigh about 1700 lbs. However, after lots of consideration of cars, I ultimately decided that I didn't want to convert a cheap, second hand car just because I didn't originally have enough money to invest into a better platform. Long story short, after multiple suggestions, and failures I had a firm decision on converting a Honda S2000 Convertible. Why? Simply because it met all my fathers criteria. Diving deeper into my decision; The cars manual transmission, RWD, light weight, and god looks sealed the deal for me. 

After a lot of searching, I came along this little gem on craigslist for 8k. I low balled the guy offering 6k, he counter offered me 6300, and I agreed! It was in Orlando, and I live about an hour away, so it was really close! Anyway, I ended up paying the guy $6500 to get a tow truck deliver it since he hasn't registered it for 4 years to evade the taxes. It has a clean title, and 80k miles on it, but it needs a new top, and there are miscellaneous small parts that need repairing (the top is ripped, one headlight doesn't work, an AC vent is missing, and the clutch is slipping). I figured since Im going to be working on it anyway, those problems will be rather trivial. Without further explanation, here is a picture of me in my driveway right after she was delivered!

The tear down will begin soon, just sit tight!

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