Monday, November 28, 2011

A Small Update

Back again!

Well this build is going slower than I had hoped :/
My father insists that we order one component at a time, since he isn't in any rush, but I was really hoping to finish the vehicle by the end of the year. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

Approximately 6 weeks ago I ordered the motors from Rebirth Auto, hoping they would arrive within the week, however they still haven't arrived which is upsetting but understandable. I ordered a transwarp 9 and a warp 9, which I intend on coupling together. I don't fully know how I am going to couple them together, but I hope for it to be rather straight forward. 

Once the motors come in, I will post pictures of them for you guys to see. I also plan on picking up some small little tid bits while I am down in Tampa picking up the motors. Wire, connectors, contactors...
As soon as the motors arrive, I plan on ordering a 3 or 2 speed gear vendors transmission to finish off the drive train. I know that Ron (Team haiyan) and John Metric (DC plasma) are using the gear vendors, so I know I am purchasing a tranny that has some proof in the pudding.

The transmission!!

Since my last update, I have disassembled the car to the bare engine and transmission. I Have yet been able to remove the drive shaft, which is the only thing stopping me from extracting the drive train. Its STUCK on there, since the dumb honda engineers decided to use 6mm, galvanized steel hex nuts to hold the driveshaft in place. So of course they stripped out, and now have to be cut off.

These pictures were taken a while ago, since then many more components have been removed

My Zilla 2k EHV also arrived too! The first thing I noticed was how heavy it was. It came nicely wrapped in a cardboard cocoon, ensuring it would get to me safely. Manzanita Micro made the process very quick and easy, something I applaud them for.

The hair ball has so many inputs, so many possibilities

Hopefully, next weekend I will be down in Tampa picking up my motors and a bunch of other components. Once I get the motors installed in the car, the batteries will be ordered, something I cant wait for.